March's Book A Samantha Mystery, The Stolen Sapphire

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Images of the times...of what it may have looked like from Samantha and Nellie's Adventures in The Stolen Sapphire

 The above photo is of a steamer ship around the time of Samantha and Nellie's Journey.
I can not even imagine what this trip might have been like for them. Exciting for sure!

 The above is an image of a first class cabin, this is what Samantha an Nellie's room may have looked like.

Or perhaps more like this one with the bunk beds.

The room where they would have played games, or written letters, may have looked like this room. It does look quite grand!

This is an image of the worlds largest Sapphire.

Prince William and Katherine Middleton's engagement photo shows off the beautiful Sapphire engagement ring of Prince William's Mother the late Princess Diana.

I hope you enjoying reading  March's book selection!
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  1. Loved the pictures! It really helped to visualize the story.

  2. Lovely photos; especially nice to imagine shipboard life so many years ago. I have kept up with your posts, but not the reading, sad to say! I'm hoping this month will be more "reading friendly" for me!

  3. It is a wonderful book if you have the time, or you can always read at a later date and check back in. I hope others will do the same.