March's Book A Samantha Mystery, The Stolen Sapphire

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chapter Reviews 4-6 The Stolen Sapphire

Chapter 4- Stormy Weather- In this chapter we find that the girls start their French lessons and are pleased until the awful girl Charlotta, who goes out of her way to make Nellie feel uncomfortable! Samantha visits Grandma Mary who has also had sea sickness. Samantha inquires if they will stop in Ireland and get off the boat, hoping Nellie can fulfill her mothers wish for her to one day see her homeland. But Grandma Mary explained that Ireland is not a place to stop and visit.The weather becomes so awful that the passengers are to stay in their cabins until better weather prevails.  This is for their own safety. Samantha spends the next two days in her cabin, learning French with her tutor and learning about her tutors life. How her own parents died and that she was raised by her grandparents. Samantha wonders what the passengers in the other decks quarters are like and she tries to go on a walk about to the other decks but is persuaded to go back to her cabin to read. The next day The girls, and their tutor attend dinner in the private dining room of Captain Newman.We learn that the reporter has purchased a first class ticket so he can talk with the professor about the sapphire. Charlotta's family is also at dinner and Plato the monkey keeps the girls entertained during the meal.
The professor is persuaded to show the Sapphire again, and as he does the table cloth moves, the candles fall and the room goes dark!

Chapter 5- The Search
This chapter begins with the frantic search for the Sapphire.  The Professor and the Nephew search the  room and their fellow diners for the Sapphire. Panic ensues and everyone is forced to remain where they are. Charlotta's mother questions the tutor about her work history and wants her to work for her, the tutor says she must check with Grandma Mary first. The girls go back to their cabins and discuss what happened, the more they discuss it the more Samantha things things just do not add up, she falls asleep only to wake up and find Nellie mysteriously tiding up the closet, thinking nothing of it Samantha falls back asleep.

Chapter 6- A Suspect. In this chapter the girls wake up and find an envelope that hs been slid under the door, for Madamoiselle Etienne their tutor. Then a knock at the door and the steward tells them there is to be a meeting of all the first class passengers at 8 am. Oliver the steward tells the tutor he did not deliver the envelope. The tutor opens the envelope excitedly but then goes white, then the tutor rushes back to her room and closes the door behind her. Samantha wonders what is wrong and she and Nellie discuss what could have been on the paper to upset the tutor so much.
The meeting confirms the Sapphire has been stolen and the search of the first class cabins begins. The only one who seems happy about the events is the reporter as now he has a wonderful story to tell and sell! Charlotta's very rude mother accuses the tutor and her lack of class as the one who stole the sapphire. One of the crew members reported that the tutor threw something out her port hole this morning, which makes the tutor the prime suspect. The tutor tries to explain that it was only the paper note she through out but suspicion grows....

So can you imagine how the characters are all feeling at this point? Days of sea sickness finally subside and give way to what seems to be smooth sailing ahead, when the sapphire goes missing. How do you think Samantha feels in Chapter 4 and why do you think she doesn't get sea sick in this chapter?

In Chapter 5 everyone is feeling much better, but the evening comes to an unsettling end with the Sapphire going missing during dinner! How do you think Samantha ans Nellie are feeling when the candles are relighted?

In Chapter 6 Do you think the Tutor is the thief? Why or why not.

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  1. Hi Karen,
    I am actually reading the same book. It is good so far! Do you know what a blue star looks like?

  2. I posted the photo a few days ago on the first chapter reviews, I hope you enjoy it!