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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chapter Review 1-2 Clue in the Castle Tower

Chapter 1-Invitation from a Knight
Our book begins with the girls arriving by horse drawn carriage at London's British Museum, on a rainy and foggy London, January day. Grandma Mary explains that every proper young lady should visit England and France, explaining that they would learn more in a few weeks in England then they would in New York.
We meet Henry and Ian and their uncle Sir Charles Stallsworth. The twin boys are orphans just like Samantha and Nellie, and quite a handful. As the family travels through the museum the girls learn about Sir Charles Castle, Locks-ton Castle  and The family is invited to stay at the Manor house the following day. We also learn that the boys are about the same age as Samantha and Nellie and that they consider themselves inventors. The girls also learn of the Castles Ghost....
The next day the girls are in awe as they approach the castle which is in they learn is where Sir Reginald had died and where his ghost is still rumored to be seen on moonlight nights. The manor house is larger then the girls had expected and they are reminded to be on their best behavior! The girls notice the Castle Ruins in the distance and it sends a chill up Samantha's Spine!

In Chapter 2- The Ghost in the Library
In this chapter the girls settle in to the manor and learn from the boys that Sir Charles, God daughter Lady Florence is staying at the manor as well and the twins tell her she is looking into the Ghost as well. She wants to be a newspaper reporter instead of getting married which is what girls her age and class are expected to do. They are shown the Library which Sir Charles late wife Emily had spent her life collecting. The boys take the girls out to the castle ruins and explain a bit about the family history and they boys play a trick on the girls stealing Samantha's hat and hiding on them.
Samantha notices a button in the stones as the sun begins to set and Mr. Fisher the boys tutor comes to get the children for their tea. Mrs. Grissom the housekeeper brings the children their tea in the school room and shows the girls to their room. The girls are in the room above the library, and in a wing all to themselves. The girls see a servant girl named Mable who is about their age and she quickly ushered out of their room. The girls notice that Mable is about the same age they are. The girls try talking to Mable and learn a bit about her past. The girls wish they could do something to help Mable as they are sure she is lonely in the Manor house as well as scared.....

I love how these two chapters are written, did you find you got a clear picture of London and the Museum from reading the first chapter?
What do you think about the possibility of a ghost? Do you believe in Ghosts?
What do you think about Mable?
What do you think about the Twins?
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