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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chapter reviews 7-8 Clue in the Castle Tower

Chapter 7 - A Chase
This chapter begins with the girls and the twins racing to catch up with Lady Florance. The boys hide and overhear the help complaining about them.  As the children approach Lady Florance  about her leaving, Samantha asks her if the button she has found in the Castle is hers.
They discuss Lady Florance taking photos in the night at the castle and Lady Florance asks the children not to tell her uncle, something has come up and she needs to  leave suddenly!
Mrs. Grissom, finds them and scolds them for being late and ushers the boys to the school room. Samantha and Nellie find Mable and Daisy waiting for them by the food in the the children eat their lunch while Lady Florance leaves the castle grounds. After lunch the boys convince their tutor to let them take the girls to see the village, they set off on bicycles hoping to catch Lady Florance before the train leaves. The children find her in the book shop and the children accuse her of stealing the books but it is a misunderstanding, Lady Florance is now a published writer and bound to join her family in Egypt.
Lady Florance gives a clue to the children about a white figure disappearing through the Library window.

Chapter 8- A figure in White
The children arrive back at the manor house and find the tutor, worried about what will happen to him the children talk of what he will do when the boys are sent away, the tutor has been doing research on the history of the Castle and really doesn't wish to leave.
Their conversation has the girls thinking it may be the tutor....then they go to their room and find Mable reading on Samantha's bed.
The girls discuss that Mable has such a sad life and do not wish her to be fired for just reading!
The girls discuss their list and they are no closer to finding the thief!
The girls and the twins decide to try to catch the ghost in the Library, that night. While in the library they hear footsteps in the snow outside the window.....

So who do you think the thief is?
How frustrated the girls and the twins must be, do you think it is the ghost at the window?

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