March's Book A Samantha Mystery, The Stolen Sapphire

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Chapter reviews 10-13, The Stolen Sapphire, the final chapters

Chapter 10- A Question of Identity
This chapter begins with Samantha and Nellie discussing the money Samantha found in Nellie's boots, discussing how Jamie had asked Nellie to get money to his family in Ireland. Nellie explains that her mother told her the safest place for her money is in her boots, so when their tutor was suspected of stealing she put the money in her boots for safe keeping. Samantha and Nellie decided to ask the Admiral for  help in getting the money to Jamie's family in Ireland. The girls also make a list of all the possible suspects that could have taken the Sapphire. The girls after much thought decide to try to figure out who's handwriting was on the note that their tutor received the morning after the disappearance of the Sapphire. They take the papers that others had been writing on and discarded from the trash baskets in the Saloon. Taking the paper back to their room to look at the girls decide that Nellie would take the papers to show their tutor to see if any of the handwriting was that of the original letter. While Samantha is at dinner she and the Admiral discuss how the mail gets picked up and once it is dropped in Ireland they will continue on their journey. When Samantha returns to her cabin, Nellie is not there, worried she finds her tutor's cabin and looks for Nellie, but as she approaches she hears someone threatening her tutor. That some one was Mrs. Billingsley. 

Chapter 11- Lost and Found
In this chapter, Nellie emerges from the tutors cabin and she and Samantha head back to their cabin to discuss the evenings events. About how Mrs. Billingsley tried to offer the tutor money for the Sapphire. Most importantly they discover the identify of  thief, only now they need away to prove it. The girls check their clues, they decide to try out their theory in the dining room. They figure out how the thief did it just as the thief walks in with a smile. 

Chapter 12- Danger at Sea
The thief questions the girls as to why they are up so late in the dining room and the girls, he suggests the girls let him walk them back to their cabin but the girls know he is going to try to throw them overboard to hide his secret. Plato the monkey comes to the rescue by ringing the bell and alerting someone to come and help the girls. When the admiral, captain, reporter and the professor arrive the girls explain their theory of what happened. The girls leave the adults to discuss the new information, the girls are off to bed and nothing is resolved.

Chapter 13- An Unexpected Package
Harry confronts the girls and yells at them, the girls realize that they need the Admiral's help  and explain they believe that Harry has placed the Sapphire in some packages in the mail bags, the girls and the Admiral go to the captain and he calls for the mail bags, the girls are worried that they may be wrong again until the discovery of a package of books being sent out. The professor and his nephew are called to the office and Harry refuses to open the package but the Professor opens them and finds that the Sapphire was hidden inside.  Harry is locked up. The Tutor is freed and she is apologized too. The girls are rewarded with a trip to Ireland, getting off the ship with the mail and fulfilling Nellie's dream of seeing her homeland.

So what do you think of all the twists and turns in this book....

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  1. I enjoyed reading this book, and never guessed that the sapphire might go out in the mail! I was betting on Mrs Billingsly or the monkey, not Harry. The ending was perfect; just thinking about Nellie getting to visit a bit of Ireland makes me smile. So glad that Grandmary had a change of heart on that subjest.

  2. I loved that the story closed with Nellie getting to visit Ireland, can't wait for the next book!

  3. I also loved that The girls got to go to Ireland! I never would have thought it was Harry, that would have done it either!