March's Book A Samantha Mystery, The Stolen Sapphire

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chapter reivews 3-4 Clue in the Castle Tower

Chapter 3- Missing Treasure
In this Chapter we begin with the girls discovering that the twin boys are inventors of Bicycle's and that they are passionate about being inventors, that the housemaids do not like the boys. Talk turns to the Castle ghost and the 4 set off to find the ghost. While in the Library the boys play a trick on the girls just as Grandma Mary, The Admiral and Sir Charles enter the Library. The boys are sent away but the girls are invited to stay and pick out a book. They discuss the First Additions that Lady Stallsworth had collected over her life and as the Admiral looks over the books he points out to Sir Charles that the books are not first additions...which means someone has taken the books and replaced them with newer additions...

Chapter 4-  A Surprise Announcement
The girls are still in the Library and offer to help look for the missing book, they are sent to bed however and the adults begin the search.
The girls go upstairs to bed and discuss what may have happened to the book. Later Samantha hears a crash thinking it is the boys, she jumps out of bed only to find that it is Lady Florance pulling a two wheel cart towards the stairs.
Out the window Samantha notices a flash, and worries it is a ghost but decides that it must be Lady Florance taking photos...but wonders why at night. The next morning the girls awake to Mable bringing them Hot Chocolate and letting them know about morning prayers.
They have a quick conversation with Mable and then set out to find prayers, first checking the school room and then finally arriving in down stairs, but not before they get into a bit of mischief!
After prayers Sir Charles has an announcement of a reward for the lost books in the sum of one hundred pounds. This is allot of money! Every one is shocked including the boys...but who took the books?

So what do you think happened to the books? Do you think the boys took them to play a trick?
Could it be one of the house keepers?
I would love to know what you think,
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I hope you are enjoying this book as much as I am!


  1. I thought it was the young maid that was no older than Sam and Nel. But I have read the book AND since I know how it ends I must say no more.

  2. I never could make myself believe it was the maid.... haha I have read to the end too. This was my favorite of the 4 Samantha books. So exciting.

  3. I love the comments we get here and on email! this is by far my most favorite book!