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Monday, March 26, 2012

Chapter reviews 5-6 Clue in the Castle Tower

Chapter 5- Unexpected consequences
In this chapter after morning prayers the girls and the twins go have breakfast. Grandma Mary and the Admiral are going to spend the day with Sir Charles and friends in the village. So the girls will be left with the boys for the day. Sir Charles surprises the girls with a visit to the tea room and the girls worry that the trick they played on the boys will inadvertently be played on Sir Charles!
We get the impression that Sir Charles thinks that the boys have something to do with the disappearance of  books!
He even tells the boys they are going back to boarding school.
The girls and the twins form an unlikely friendship after the trick they played on the boys is revealed. The boys confide in the girls that  they do not want to go back to boarding school.
After breakfast the girls return to their rooms and discover that the maid has tidied their rooms and
they decide to make a list of possible suspects and motive. The girls notice that some of their things are moved around the room, then notice that the book marker has been moved in the book Nellie was reading......
The girls say goodbye to Grandma Mary, discuss the situation with the boys and even though they are advised against it the girls decide to help the boys anyway they can.

Chapter 6- Footprints in the Snow
The girls enter the library to investigate when the chapter begins. The girls notice out the window that the snow has been "trampled", indicating someone recently used the window.
The girls investigate out side, and notice that the tracks lead to the castle, the girls speculate that it may be Lady Florance...the boys come find the girls for lunch.
The girls explain that they are looking for clues, ask the boys to see their shoes, to rule them out, from the foot prints they found. They all discuss the list of suspects and the girls learn that Lady Florance may have motive for stealing the books. Samantha tells them about the button they found, and they notice that someone is loading boxes into a carriage and it is Lady Florance who they need to talk to.

So do you think the boys would have taken the books? If they did do you think they would know what to do with valuable books?
do you think Lady Florance is the thief??
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