March's Book A Samantha Mystery, The Stolen Sapphire

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Chapter reviews 7-9, The Stolen Sapphire

Chapter 7- Monkey Business?
In this chapter the Tutor is questioned by the captain with Grandma Mary and the Admiral accompany her.   The girls discuss how unfair it is that their tutor is being accused. The girls decide to look for clues in the dinning room. The girls are shocked when their Tutor is no longer aloud to stay with them. As the girls search the dining room the reporter questions them and they discuss if the Monkey could have been the thief, but then Samantha remembers that the table cloth slid into her lap which means that someone had to pull it. It looks as though their tutor may have been the one to pull the table cloth, the girls wonder if maybe she really was the thief.

Chapter 8- Hidden. In this chapter Samantha and the Admiral discuss the tutor and the mysterious envelope she received on the morning after the Sapphire went missing. The girls freshly polished boots arrive in time for dinner and as Samantha pulls hers on she notices they feel funny, she finds a ten dollar bill and five dollar bills inside the boot, realizing she is wearing Nellie's boots, Samantha wonders how Nellie could come up with thirty dollars! Samantha worries about where and how Nellie could come up with this kind of money!

Chapter 9- Letters Home. This chapter begins with Nellie walking in on Samantha finding her hidden money. Nellie doesn't want to tell Samantha about the money fearing that Samantha will not believe her just like no one believed the tutor! Nellie asked Samantha not to say anything about the money, Nellie decides to skip dinner. After dinner, when Samantha returns, Nellie is already a sleep. The next day Samantha invites Nellie to go for a walk but Nellie refuses. Samantha finds her self in the Saloon where she finds the reporter and starts a letter home to her sisters.  Charlotta comes in and the girls play checkers. As they play Nellie comes in and tries to get Samantha's attention but Charlotta is rude to her and accuses Nellie of having no manners! Charlotta even tells Samantha that she should not associate with inferior people like Nellie! Charlotta even accuses Nellie of having something to do with the missing Sapphire! Samantha gets mad at Charlotta and leaves to find Nellie!

In Chapter  7, What do you think makes Samantha think that the Monkey may have had something to do with the disappearance?
In Chapter 8 - The money in Nellie's boot makes Samantha doubt her sister, why do you think that Nellie will not tell Samantha what it is all about?
In Chapter 9- Charlotta is a truly awful person who only cares about making associations with the right kind of people, while this was common for people of this time it just seems so wrong! Why do you think Samantha took so long to get upset with Charlotta?
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As with all my posts I would love to hear form you so please leave me a comment here or email me at

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