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Sunday, February 5, 2012

How to Bring 6 inch Mini Samantha and Nellie home for a great deal!

So inspired by Dacia bringing Nellie home that I thought I would take a look at the wonderful world of the Mini dolls. They are so varied in price! In the American Girl store I paid $25 each! Here are some better on line deals. 
Samantha 6 inch doll shipped for $19.75 from The Book Depository. On American Girl she is $24 plus shipping! On Amazon she is $14.93 click here to see the listing, the great part with Amazon is that if you order both dolls you get free shipping!

Nellie from American Girl on line is $24 plus shipping. You can sign up to be notified on The Book Depository and pay $19.75 including shipping by clicking here 
I did find on $14.93 for Mini Nellie  click here to see the listing
and when they get her back in stock you can always order her! Which is what I think I will do.
Let me know if you see any other really good deals!
I can not wait to review the next 3 chapters tomorrow!
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