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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Book Club member Heather shares her Nellie with us!

One of our readers Heather, sent me a few of the photos of her Nellie.
 Heather says  "She was around $150.00 shipped, but came naked. Her hair however is in excellent (like new) condition and came with her hair bow in it's original style. I was able to purchase her meet dress in excellent condition from another seller, and found bloomers for her as well. The tights she is wearing are the white ribbed pair from Samantha's shoes and socks set (that I already had), and her shoes are from that set as well. All together, I probably paid a little under $200.00 for her and her meet outfit. If you are familiar with the prices a Nellie NIB or in "unplayed" with condition goes for, it was fairly reasonable."

Heather has been kind enough to share her advice for finding your own Nellie!
"My advice for those looking for dolls on the secondary market is, make sure the seller posts a clear picture of the doll's face that you are considering buying. There were other Nellie's in the similar price range as the one I got, that came fully clothed. However, after carefully examining their pictures, I noticed that a few had wonky eyes or they just seemed off. This Nellie, although she came naked (the poor thing), had a sweet expression, beautiful eyes and (the deal sealer) great hair. Sadly, decent Nellies are becoming harder and harder to come by on the secondary market as the time passes since her and Samantha's archival. If you know anybody that is in the market for a Nellie I would tell them to keep their eyes peeled for the right one to come along."

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  1. She is so prety. I got very lucky with my Nellie at $117 with shipping. She was fully dressed, her bow was still sitting brand new in her box. I really cant see that she had ever come out of her box, perfect dress, and not a spot on the doll. Perfect soft silky hair. I bought it from someone new to selling on ebay, and I really do not think she knew anything about the dolls. I emailed her with lots of questions that she answered fully and quickly. I guess no one bid on her because it was a new seller??? Who knows but I got a bargin. I had been stalking Nellie awhile, and I have seen them go for $179 in not nearly as good conditon s mine is. Congrats on yours Heather she is lovely!

  2. Thanks Dacia! Wow, $117 is a steal for your Nellie! I'm so happy to hear when other forum members or bloggers find an awesome deal because I know the doll will be going to a wonderful home where they will be loved and cared for. Having dreamed about having my own AG doll since I was a child and treasuring all the AG books, I hate to see dolls that are mistreated or not appreciated.