March's Book A Samantha Mystery, The Stolen Sapphire

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chapter reviews, Chapters 10-12


This chapter begins with Samantha trying to summon the courage to get out of bed and find out what was on the paper!
Mary wrote that she has gotten the Chicken Pox and must leave. She also cautions the family to leave as it is un safe. After checking Mary's room Samantha slips out the servants entrance and down the stair cases!
HOW BRAVE in the dark of night she was!

Samantha called for Mary but heard no answer. Samantha hears a man talking to Mary, threateningly. Samantha, wonders if it is Mr. Winthrop or Martin. She over hears them discussing all the incidences that they have caused at Ravenscourt.
Mary brushes by Samantha on her way out and Mary slams the door.
Samantha finds her self alone so she thinks  and then finds that the Man has a pocket torch so she hides in the shadows.
Moments later the Managers Cat is staring Samantha down. She hears footsteps and worries that someone will find her. Then she hears two men talking, Martin and Mr. Winthrop. Soon Samantha takes her leave up the stairs carefully holding her skirt, "as if a pack of angry dogs were chasing her"
 Back in the apartment Samantha is scared half to death, huddled in her bed she hears the door open and thinks it is the man from the basement but thankfully it is Nellie. Samantha tells Nellie all about what she heard and that there really is no such thing as the Curse!  The girls try to figure out what to do next and who they can trust.

Chapter 11- FOOTSTEPS
The girls return home from school and try to keep their younger sisters occupied so as to not further upset their housekeeper. The girls take their sisters out on the balcony for some fresh air. They here someone walking on the roof and the girls decide to investigate. The girls go up to the roof garden and take a look around, the chapter ends with Nellie grabbing Samantha's arm and pointing to something in the corner of the roof.

At first the girls think that it is a repair man on the roof but quickly come to realize that it is not a repair man and it is not Martin! The girls realize that it is Mr. Winthrop and they realize that he is destroying one of the Ravens, sending it crashing to the ground.
The girls are in trouble, Mr Raven comes after the girls and threatens them, saying he will blame the girls for breaking the statue!
The chapter ends with Mr. Winthrop, grabbing the girls by their collars.
The girls are being held against their will by Mr. Winthrop!

The girls find themselves in very dangerous situations in these last few chapters. Do you think their curiosity and investigation has gotten them into serious trouble.
 I would love to hear your thoughts on these chapters as we near the end of our first book. Please leave a comment below or email me at


  1. This would definitely be considered the climax. So exciting! Oh, I shudder to think about how high up they are. Heights are one of my biggest fears when there's not a lot to hold on to. Samantha and Nellie are very brave, I must say. If I were them though, I would have tried to stay hidden until I knew for sure he was safe. If he was dangerous, he could simply push them off and blame it on the curse. However, they are only eleven or so. That dastardly Mr. Winthrop!

    I'm also curious to find out what Cornelia was afraid of. Are Mary and Martin siblings or dating or something? Questions....questions....questions.

  2. I like your thinking Emma! I too am not a big fan of heights! Even driving downtown and looking at the sky scrapers in Vancouver, scare me and that is me looking up at them!
    I can not wait for the exciting conclusion!

  3. I agree with Emma Heights are scary, and what brave girls! I really enjoyed this book. I was taken to dinner once at the top floor of a scryscrapper in Atlanta, and to get to the restraunt you rode a glass elevator. My tummy was so in knots I could not manage much more than water!..

    I will not say to much about the book being I got really into it and read the entire book 3 days before the book club started! haha

    I have now read a Felicity Mystery, a molly, and 3 of the Samanthas, and I have to say I just love Samantha. I think I am going to search for the rest of her stories.

    Thanks for starting this book club Karen. Can you tell me what the first book of the next group of books are going to be? Maybe I will read it, pass it on to one of my fb fans.

  4. Sure After the Samantha Series I am going to do the Kit Series.
    Let me know if you can not find them! Karen