March's Book A Samantha Mystery, The Stolen Sapphire

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Chapter reviews, Chapters 4-6

Today I thought I would do a quick chapter over view, I would love to hear your comments so do not forget to leave your comments below!

Chapter 4- A WARNING In this chapter Samantha there seem to be allot of warnings Samantha and her sister Nellie seem to face, warnings not to bother their Aunt, warnings about chicken pox, and of course the dreaded number 13 being painted on the wall...more warning about the incidences and the curse

Chapter 5- SUDDEN DEPARTURE In chapter 5 Uncle Gard is still away, her younger sisters come down with the chicken pox and Samantha mistakenly hears Mrs. Pitt warning Aunt Cornelia to leave Ravescourt at once! Samantha is confused as to why her Aunt leaves so suddenly and she wonders why she and her sisters have been left alone, wondering more and more about the curse!

Chapter 6- A DANGEROUS JOURNEY In this Chapter Samantha and Nellie encounter Rats and Miss Raven. Nellie is very brave in telling Miss Raven the truth about her fathers other buildings and how the curse came about.  Miss Raven, asks the girls to take her to these other buildings.

What do you think is going through Samantha's head when her Aunt and Uncle leave her and her sisters alone at Ravenscourt? How do you think Samantha feels when Nellie is with her sisters in their room and Samantha is left alone?
Do you have any fears of the number 13?

Please leave your thoughts and  comments about these chapters below. As with all my post I love hearing from you so please leave a comment here or email me at


  1. I think that Samantha and the girls, especially Nellie who is more inclined to believe in curses, feel insecure when their aunt and uncle leave. I'm not superstitious, but being alone in a hotel with your housekeepers as the only adults around, it would be kinda scary, especially when you're only ten or eleven. I also think that Samantha feels left out when Nellie is in there with her sisters, but at the same time, she's scared of joining them because they are newly adopted sisters.

  2. That is true Emma, I think you are right, I can not imagine being left with the house hold staff but I think that may have been the norm back in the day.

  3. I'm thinking that Samantha probably felt a sense of responsibility for looking over her new sisters. With Bidget and Jenny of course being younger and Nellie not used to life in a grand hotel, she probably felt like their well being was on her shoulders. In turn, when Nellie goes to her sisters room to sing and comfort them and fails to return, Samantha begins to felt a bit left out and alone. They are actual sisters and share a special bond that Samantha doesn't have. While not angry with her sisters, I believe it all probably made her a bit sad.

  4. I agree and also think that Samantha feels alone allot of the time, though she handles her self well, I can only imagine that with all the loss that these girls have have had, they must feel slightly unnerved with change yet they all just soldier on.
    Amazing and resilient I think!