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Monday, January 16, 2012

Images of New York City in the early 1900's

I found this image of New York City from the early 1900's on Google Images.
Our first book club selection takes place in New York City in the winter at about the time this photo was taken. I thought I would share this photo and give you an idea of what New York looked like in Samantha's time.
Times were also very hard for the poor working class families in New York in the 1900's, this photo also from Google images shows a family assembling artificial flowers in their tenement (small one room rental apartments) this photo does not show any joy, which is something the poor working class did not have much of.
I am looking forward to sharing more with you as we get closer to starting our first book
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  1. Fantastic idea, Karen! I'm going to try to get my 12-year-old daughter psyched about the idea too and make it a mother-daughter book club.

    I've got the book and I'll start reading tonight. I'm also going to make my own personal challenge to set up a scene with my dolls from some part of the story and share a picture.

  2. I would love that Maria! Thank you so much! I am glad to have you and your daughter join in. The book club starts Feb 1, you can read it now if you like but the discussions will start Feb 3rd!
    Thank you again and I can not wait for the photo! Send it to my email if you would like me to share it with out group!