March's Book A Samantha Mystery, The Stolen Sapphire

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Coming soon but avalible for Pre order at the Book Depository

I just pre-ordered my copies of The Hidden Gold a Marie-Grace Mystery,  The Cameo Necklace a Cecile Mystery and The Crystal Ball a Rebecca Mystery from
and my total came to $15.66 US Funds, (you can order in Canadian funds but I have my pay pal account as US Funds).  They are scheduled for release in 46 more days in the UK.  Making each book only $5.22. (in Canadian funds each book is $5.32. Such a great deal I had to share with you. They are offered at the pre-order price of 24% off .

I am getting so excited for our first book and I hope you will join me while we read through the Mystery series. Remember to check your local library, book stores and American Girl locations for your own copy or you can use who offer free shipping world wide.
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PS My mother would have been so proud of me, a book club and 5 books on order...I wish she could see me now!


  1. OH! I want the Marie-grace and Cecile mysteries! Can they be the book that we use???

  2. Hi Reece they are going to be released in 46 days, we are going to read the Samantha Mysteries first, but I promise we will get to the new ones when they are released!